Smart Factory is all about Smart Manufacturing!

Smart Factory is actually a messenger of Process-Based Artificial Intelligence. Here your manufacturing expertise gets infused in AI, and even in the absence of any data science complexities.

We believe in validation

For a clear and pointed insight of Artificial Intelligence, Smart Factory uses the visual modeling tools. We unify the data flows and your manufacturing processes to ensure the movement. The machine learning is perfect and compatible to indulge you with.
Smart Factory lets you understand the root or most insignificant event that may further shatter the overall manufacturing process. Here, we guide you for being specific for you perditions about the manufacturing processes, assets and data as well.

Quick in Action

While any manufacturing process, if there is an issue that occurs whether in a product line or in data, the quick action is required. Smart factory solves this quickly by sending a quick alert to the team that further takes an immediately required step to clarify the same.
Smart Factory translates the entire data from the manufacturing process into the visual and then to the actionable views. This further delivers to the shift managers and operators for better maintenance and control.

No matter, if you are not a master of data science. Smart Factory lets you solve the complexities and downtime issues with the simplest tools. For a quick overview of those simplest tools, these are –

  • Modeling Simulation: This all about creating a visual blueprint of your Industrial IoT system. This foundation makes further processing easy and perfect.
  • Process-Based Predictive Analytics: This is basically a predictive analysis for Manufacturing. It utilizes the machine learning to the predictive maintenance and quality.
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis: The manufacturing processes require costs. The detection and prevention from the complexities relax the process from the value loss.